C:\dean_chiang>cd .\_projects_




For more information on a specific command, type HELP command-name

XYCLOPX     Go to Dean's main photography website.                                 *

THE_BLOG    Go see Dean's Art, Stories, Thoughts, and Dreams.                      *

DEVIANT     Go to an alternative deviant photography website.                      *

PHOTO_BLOG  Go to Dean's blog about photography and his experiences captured as    *

            still images.                                                          *

ST1G        Go to Dean's car website.                                              *

BLURB       Buy Dean's books.                                                      *

500PX       Go to Dean's 500px photography presence.                               *

GALLERY     Go to Dean's gallery on 500px.                                         *

FLICKR      Go to Dean's Flickr presence.                                          *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>xyclopx                                                  *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>the_blog                                                 *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>deviant                                                  *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>photo_blog                                               *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>st1g                                                     *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>blurb                                                    *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>500px                                                    *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>gallery                                                  *


C:\dean_chiang\_projects_>flickr                                                   *


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